The intelligent link with AFAS gives us more time for our guests”.

When Ilona Dalebout-Brakema and her husband Fred Dalebout founded the Martini Hotel Group in 2011, everything was still on paper. Automation was therefore high on the agenda of the Groningen-based hospitality entrepreneurs. At Horecava, they were introduced to the possibilities of Nostradamus. In the meantime, the AFAS payroll system is linked to Nostradamus, which saves a lot of manual input.

“Intelligent digitalisation options mean that we spend less time on administrative tasks. Time that we can use to pamper our guests.”

It all started in 2011 for Ilona and Fred with the Martini Hotel and Bud Gett Hostels. In the following years, the Martini Hotel Group expanded with a second hotel and four restaurants in Groningen and Drenthe. Together with around 120 employees, they want guests to experience their hospitality and have an unforgettable time. Ilona: “Hospitality is very important to us. And even though it may sound contradictory, automation plays an important role in this. Thanks to smart digitalisation options, we spend less time on administrative tasks. Time that we can use to pamper our guests.”

Especially suitable for the catering industry

When they saw the possibilities of Nostradamus at the Horecava in 2011, they immediately became enthusiastic. “Until then, we had been scheduling on paper. The possibilities of Nostradamus appealed to us, especially because of the control and management information. But more importantly, the people we spoke to knew the industry. It gave us confidence that we didn’t have to explain anything about daily catering practice to them.”

Meanwhile, they have been working with the planning software for years, to their complete satisfaction. Every company that is part of the Martini Hotel Group can make its own schedules, without Ilona losing the overall view. “We can make reports for the whole group, which gives valuable insights.”

Link with AFAS great added value

In addition to the convenience of the system and the management information, the links also offer much added value for the Martini Hotel Group. After their switch to the AFAS HR system, they deliberately chose to link both systems. Ilona explains: “Because of the link, we no longer need to manually extract the hours worked from Nostradamus and enter them in AFAS to pay the salaries. That does not only save a lot of time, but also errors.” It also works the other way around. A new employee is now only entered once, in AFAS, and because of the link he is also directly visible in Nostradamus to be scheduled.

In the hospitality industry, where many employees are on-call, this link is really a godsend, Ilona thinks: “Especially the registration of irregular hours, as is the case with on-call employees, often takes a lot of time. Now that this has been automated, our employees are paid for the exact hours they work and we have more time to spend with our guests. And that, of course, is what it is all about in the end.

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