The software

Complete time registration

Connect the online time registration live to, for example, the turnover from the cash register. Take control and keep an overview, at any time of the day. Nostradamus integrates the complete time registration in our broader software package.

Transfer the worked hours in our software automatically and error-free to your payroll. Use a user-friendly software with a staff app for employees and an integrated automatic clock-in system.

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Always insight via the cloud

Use our time registration in the cloud, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Nostradamus links the online time registration to the other data of your organization. Compare current results with how things went before and intervene immediately if necessary.

With our software you link the time registration to staff scheduling, the HR instrument and communication. Take full control of your organization.

Time registration software based on you

  • Developed based on practical experience

    We developed our time registration in close collaboration with specialists from organizations and payroll. This has led to a clock-in system to register the hours worked in real time. In addition, the software shows you exactly how much you have to pay employees at the end of the period.

    Smart features and practical benefits demonstrate the benefit of real-world development. We listen carefully to our customers and continuously develop new functions and useful extras based on this.

  • Also for your industry

    The time registration is suitable for the catering industry, production companies and, for example, healthcare institutions. Our integrated time registration works ideally for your industry. Experience complete control, from software that can be easily linked.

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  • Clock-in and out automatically

    Our cloud-based clock-in system is available anytime, anywhere. In addition, it has a direct link with the schedule. Let employees clock in with their own PIN or a drop. You always have access to the online system with a personal dashboard.

  • Be informed in case of calamities

    In the software you can check who is inside and how many people are in which room. Your emergency report is automatically in order, so that you can act accordingly if something goes wrong.

  • Error-free time registration

    Prevent mistakes, thanks to software that keeps track of whether planned hours are actually made. The manager puts a digital checkmark to update the hours per day. Sending hours to the payroll has never been easier.

Designed according to the Balanced Labour Market Act

Since the first of January 2020, the Balanced Labour Market Act has had a lot of impact on, for example, the transition payment, the premium differentiation, minimum length of service and maximum call term. Nostradamus is specifically designed for this. This also applies to the adjustments to a permanent employment contract after 12 months and the new chain definition. The (salary)administration is therefore always up-to-date and in line with the new legislation and regulations.

Notifications immediately in the schedule

Our time registration software provides notifications when employees are entitled to payment for the service, including allowances. In addition, the average number of hours worked over the past 12 months is immediately visible in the staff record.

Check all data that is important to neatly comply with the new guidelines based on the Balanced Labour Market Act. Prevent mistakes, despite the specific changes in legislation and regulations for time registration, payout and contracts.

These companies preceded you

These companies preceded you

Nostradamus heeft onze bedrijfsvoering makkelijker gemaakt. De bal ligt bij de werknemer, in plaats van bij ons, de werkgever. Door een hoge mate van gebruiksvriendelijkheid te combineren met een grote verscheidenheid aan functies, kunnen wij op dagelijkse basis beter sturen op cijfers.

Burgundy Street - Tivoli Vredenburg

These companies preceded you

Vanaf moment één had ik een goed gevoel bij Nostradamus.
De eerste afspraken waren erg ongedwongen, wat is als erg prettig heb ervaren…

Grand cafe de Lindenhof

These companies preceded you

Na een lange zoektocht voor een HRtool zijn wij terecht gekomen bij ND. door een plezier gesprek met Dennis en de correcte en professionele…

Dudok Horeca Groep

These companies preceded you

Wij werken nu ruim anderhalf jaar met Nostradamus. Het is een overzichtelijk systeem zowel voor werknemers en werkgever.Werknemers hebben via de app duidelijk inzicht in hun uren. Voor de werkgever geeft het snel inzicht in omzet en loonkosten.Zodat we snel kunnen sturen op basis van cijfers.
Het contact met de medewerkers van Nostradamus verloopt altijd prettig en snel.

St. Tropez / St. Maxime

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