Staffing plan

Scheduling templates

By using roster templates, a planner has a number of predefined rosters. These are based on a turnover or pressure forecast. This provides the planner with clear frameworks that ensure that the schedule remains within the norms for labour costs and productivity. It also saves a lot of time when creating a weekly schedule. In this way, Nostradamus ensures strategic personnel planning.

Personeelsplanning software overzicht in de app

Plus and minus hours

Nostradamus supports the planner in making the right choice when selecting an employee for a shift. Here, important information is available such as: the employee’s rate, the number of planned shifts and hours in the selected week, as well as the live plus and minus hours up to the selected day!

Driving productivity in your workforce planning

Thanks to a turnover and traffic forecast, Nostradamus can provide the planner with budgets for efficient scheduling. Based on chosen standards, Nostradamus recommends a number of hours to be scheduled, productivity to be achieved and a labour cost budget.

Open services (pool)

‘Open shifts’ allow employees to self-roster. Allow employees full flexibility to choose their own shifts or use the functionality to have the last holes in the roster filled. It is also possible to create an ‘open shift pool’, to which several employees can subscribe. The planner then only has to choose the most suitable employee.

Exchange requests

Using the ‘swap request’ functionality, employees arrange their own replacements when they unexpectedly cannot work, but are already on the roster. The employee finds a colleague to swap, the manager approves the swap request and Nostradamus automatically adapts the schedule! Quick and easy to organise with a swap request!



Employees enter their own availability via the PersonnelApp or website. The planner can then take this stated preference into account when creating the roster. You can also use so-called ‘reverse availability’ an employee is then in principle available by default and must indicate when he cannot work, so for ideal staff scheduling you increase the involvement in passing on availability.

Staff planning software that takes into account the Working Hours Act

Nostradamus automatically takes into account the Working Hours Act, so the planner with our employee scheduling software is warned during the scheduling process about violations of, among others: shift length, rest times, age restrictions, number of consecutive shifts, maximum working hours per week, etc. In addition, violations are also reflected in reports, both in terms of planning and hours realisation.

Frequently asked questions

What is workforce planning?

Staff planning is the perfect match between the need for employees on the shop floor and the number of employees available. The planning ensures that, on the one hand, you do not have unnecessary staff running around in the business, the institution or the factory space and, on the other hand, that you do not run out of hands. We calculate the work form and (turnover) forecast for you in advance, so all you have to do is decide who to deploy and when.

With the Nostradamus workforce scheduling software, you have the right number of qualified employees at your disposal at any time. You create an overview, schedule according to the expected workload, keep live data and adjust where necessary. For example, by scheduling additional employees. This allows you to manage your business more efficiently. The personnel planning software is easy to connect to the payroll system, reservation system, ordering system and cash register.

How to make good workforce planning?

With good staff planning, there is the right balance between service/service and cost. In other words, there are just enough employees to carry out the work properly and to the full satisfaction of guests, customers or clients. The Nostradamus software focuses on forecasting and (numerically) managing productivity. This allows you to easily match the required hours to the expected workload.

The forecast is based on expected traffic and turnover. Based on this forecast, you as an entrepreneur can make a good staff planning. This prevents you from scheduling too many or too few hours. Your schedule seamlessly links up with the intended workload. You can make adjustments on the day itself, as you have live insight into performance via the app. With the insights gained, you can make the next forecast even more accurate.

Why does workforce planning matter?

Optimal workforce planning is important to always have the right people in the right place. And the right number of them. Not too many and not too few. Based on a forecast (expected traffic and turnover), you determine the deployment of employees and draw up an optimal schedule, with plenty of room for flexibility if you need more or less staff on the day itself. You can always make adjustments via the app, even if you are not on site.

With the Nostradamus software, you can budget in advance and make productivity and labour costs transparent. Nostradamus takes a lot of work off your hands and you know exactly how things stand thanks to good planning.

Staff planning after the corona crisis?

The corona crisis highlighted how staff planning requires flexibility as well as foresight. How do you plan for moments when it is uncertain whether guests or customers will arrive? And how do you deal with employees who are hardly needed at one moment, but prove incredibly valuable afterwards?

We make it easy for you with our staff scheduling solutions. Nostradamus helps you manage your business more efficiently. We do this with workforce scheduling software. We take into account situations such as during the corona crisis and afterwards. So you want to prevent employees from leaving because of uncertainty about the planning? Prevent frustration for yourself and employees, thanks to a planning that is right down to the last detail.

More efficient production

The introduction of the Labour Market Balance Act from 1 January 2020 has an organisational and financial impact on organisations. The rights and obligations of employers and employees have changed as a result of the WAB. Nostradamus has implemented several changes and new functionalities in its software to simplify compliance with the new legislation on employment contracts and dismissal.

Staff planning in retail

The aim of the WAB is to make permanent contracts more attractive to employers on the one hand and to give flexible labour more prospects of security on the other. The gap between permanent and temporary staff should narrow. For instance, from 2020, on-call workers will have the right to be paid for a minimum of 3 hours for every call to come to work.

Easy: even with several new employees

Perhaps you hire new employees on a regular basis. It is important to keep them well informed of what to expect from you. Provide a clear schedule, communicate about it and, for example, offer possibilities to view the schedule from the cloud. These are all functions and options we offer you with our staff scheduling software.

Moreover, you can budget in advance and draw up the schedule very easily. This is true for a small team of involved employees, for large teams with many more people and when you are hiring many new employees. We make sure that your staff planning is perfect.

These companies preceded you

These companies preceded you

Nostradamus heeft onze bedrijfsvoering makkelijker gemaakt. De bal ligt bij de werknemer, in plaats van bij ons, de werkgever. Door een hoge mate van gebruiksvriendelijkheid te combineren met een grote verscheidenheid aan functies, kunnen wij op dagelijkse basis beter sturen op cijfers.

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These companies preceded you

Vanaf moment één had ik een goed gevoel bij Nostradamus.
De eerste afspraken waren erg ongedwongen, wat is als erg prettig heb ervaren…

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These companies preceded you

Na een lange zoektocht voor een HRtool zijn wij terecht gekomen bij ND. door een plezier gesprek met Dennis en de correcte en professionele…

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These companies preceded you

Wij werken nu ruim anderhalf jaar met Nostradamus. Het is een overzichtelijk systeem zowel voor werknemers en werkgever.Werknemers hebben via de app duidelijk inzicht in hun uren. Voor de werkgever geeft het snel inzicht in omzet en loonkosten.Zodat we snel kunnen sturen op basis van cijfers.
Het contact met de medewerkers van Nostradamus verloopt altijd prettig en snel.

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