View your roster, hours worked and files in one app!

We have a completely new PersonnelApp, which is now available for download in the App- and Play Store. 

Some of the possibilities:

  • Viewing schedules
  • View hours and balances
  • Request leave
  • News & Tasks
  • View and download files

New design and new functionalities

The new PersonnelApp has more functionalities than before and has a fresh new design. Read below about all the possibilities.

View timetable

View your own shifts and the complete weekly planning of your colleagues at a glance. Is a planned shift not convenient? Then swap it with a colleague. Do you want to work extra shifts? Fill in any open shifts.

Furthermore, indicate your availability, so that the planners can take this into account.

View Hours & Balances

In the PersonnelApp you find an overview of your worked hours. Simply request a correction of hours when a day is not correct.

Under ‘leave balance’ you will find a clear overview of your accumulated holiday and overtime hours. Handy when you want to apply for leave.

Requesting leave

You would like to have a day off or you have booked a holiday: make a leave request through the StaffApp. As long as it is still being processed, you can still change the request yourself.

News & Tasks

This new feature keeps you up to date with the birthdays of your colleagues and news from the company.

Do you have a task for a colleague? Then you can easily add it via the app and assign it to someone.

Bestanden openen

Would you like to have quick access to the house rules, the new menu or your pay slip? With this new functionality in the StaffApp it is possible to see files that are linked to your staff card. Very easy!


Then quickly download the app from the App Store or Play Store. You can also click on the download buttons below.


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NOWJOBS and Nostradamus ICT close strategic partnership

Online brokerage platform NOWJOBS will cooperate with Nostradamus, developer of software for forecasting, planning and time registration in the hospitality industry. Thanks to this collaboration medium-sized and large hotel and catering companies have direct online access to the NOWJOBS talent pool, without any intermediate steps. Temporary understaffing can thus be better prevented.

The planning system developed by Nostradamus, which links systems for salary administration, cash register and reservations, is already being used by various medium-sized and large hospitality businesses, including Van der Valk, large beach pavilions and burger chain Burger King. Even before the financial crisis, there was a shortage of high quality catering staff, especially kitchen staff.

Nostradamus director Peter van der Zwan expects that this will only get worse after a possible easing of the corona measures this summer. Van der Zwan: “We know that many flexible hospitality workers have meanwhile moved on to other employers in logistics or supermarkets, which could use many extra people during the lockdown. Therefore the cooperation with NOWJOBS was obvious. With Nostradamus as a cockpit, our entrepreneurs will soon have quick access to a new pool of extra earners and work students.”

Additional supplement to basic pool

NOWJOBS has been working with providers of planning tools in Belgium for some time, says Country Manager of NOWJOBS Netherlands Reinier Vastenburg. In the Netherlands, Nostradamus was the first to be approached because this company mainly serves the larger hospitality businesses. He emphasises that there is no question of a merger between the two players. “We assume each other’s strengths. Nostradamus’ strength is to understand processes in the hotel and catering industry in order to automate them, while our strength is to send out temporary staff via an ultramodern platform. If you let these two worlds optimally reinforce each other, you create a golden combination.”

Van der Zwan also emphasises that Nostradamus remains completely independent and it is up to the hospitality entrepreneur to decide whether he or she wants to use the NOWJOBS talent pool. “We offer the entrepreneur an extra addition to his basic pool. Without having to call a temporary employment agency first, everything can be done directly online from the Nostradamus-tool he already uses. But the choice to do so lies entirely with the entrepreneur himself, in accordance with our company philosophy.”


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Turnover, schedules and hours in one app

Nostradamus now comes with a complete new operational ManagementApp. On the shop floor or at home, direct access to the figures of the day, without having to crawl behind your laptop!

Some of the possibilities:

  • View turnover
  • Schedule view
  • Manage hours
  • Compare forecast and realisation
  • Manage productivity
  • Compare branches

Our new ManagementApp has been given a complete facelift and has beautiful new functionalities. You will not recognise it anymore! We are happy to enthusiastically tell you about our new App, which can be used operationally especially on the work floor.

New design

Wouldn’t it be great, when you can see at a glance how you are doing with the grades of the day! That is why we have provided beautiful, new, visual representations of your figures. You will find in the new ManagementApp different gauges that compare your expected figures (your prognosis) with your actual figures.

Also, the navigation in the app is simplified and everything has a fresh new look.

New functionalities

Not only the look of the app has changed, but also the possibilities have expanded. Below, we briefly explain each (new) functionality:

  • New icon: We have replaced the old icon with a nice tie.
  • Improved contact list: The contact list has been updated with photos of employees, quick navigation using an alphabet scroll bar and you can now call, text and email your employees and colleagues directly.
  • Visual meters in combination with tables: In addition to the tables, we have now added gauges that visually represent the figures. The app explains how to read them.
  • Percentage of forecast versus realisation: Because the ManagementApp is often used to steer on (productivity and turnover) figures, we have simplified this by showing the deviation percentage between prognosis and realisation, among other things.
  • Additional explanation to help users: To support you as a user with new functionalities, such as the visual meters, we have placed information icons in the app. You can call up the information at any time by clicking on the i icon, but you also have the option of hiding all the information permanently.
  • My profile’ updated: In ‘My profile’ in the ManagementApp, you have access to your username and e-mail address. You can also change your password here.
  • Turnover and affiliates comparison now separate: In the new ManagementApp, we have divided the comparison of turnover and affiliates into separate pages. In the menu of the app, these two options are listed below each other. Please note that this functionality is only available to you if you have access to multiple branches.
  • Visual graphs for Turnover (€) and OPU (%): Besides the already existing table in which you can see your turnover and productivity per hour, we have also added a graphical view. The productivity is always shown as “OPU” in Nostradamus, which means: Turnover Per (Worked) Hour.
    And maybe the best feature of all: Viewing and managing work schedules in the ManagementApp! See more about that below.

Viewing schedules & managing hours

The much requested possibility to view the schedule & manage hours has been realised. What is possible?

  • Viewing the daily work schedule: You are now able to view the daily roster that you have already created.
  • Clocking in and out employees: You see an employee walking around on the work floor, but he/she is not clocked in yet? You can now clock in this employee on your phone. Or maybe it’s quiet in the office and you have too many employees? Send an employee home and clock him out immediately.
  • Add employee: It is unexpectedly very busy and you have too few staff around; this is quickly solved in the app! You go to the contact list, call an employee and tell them to come to work immediately. Ten minutes later, you see the employee walk in and immediately add a new time sheet.
  • Change start and end times: It is now possible to change the start and end time of an employee in the ManagementApp.
    When the start time of a time line is by default rounded to the start time of the employee’s shift on the schedule, it may happen that they are called earlier, clock in, but their time line is reset to the original shift time. In this case, you can easily change the start time of the time line to the actual time the employee started working.
  • Break clocking: Send employees on break or bring them back from their break earlier and register this immediately. You can also change the total break time afterwards.

Download now from your App Store!

Who can use this app?

Everyone will be able to download the ManagementApp, but only people with access to the admin side of Nostradamus will be able to log in.

What you will see and what you can change in the app, will be the same as what you can or cannot do on the admin side of the system. For example, if you do not have access to the hours, you will not have this in the ManagementApp either. If you are not allowed to see turnover, it will not be shown in the app either.  The permissions that are on in your role, are therefore decisive for what you will see in the ManagementApp.

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Support plan for our catering customers

Free pick-up module and gift voucher webshop

You don’t want extra costs now, but you do want extra income.

It is also smart to focus on customer loyalty right now and to ensure returning guests when the crisis is over. What possibilities do you have for this? Think of a temporary take-away concept or the online sale of gift vouchers.

You can really use all the turnover you can get, so in collaboration with our partner Resengo, we are now offering a takeaway module and online gift voucher shop completely free of charge.

Interested? Please contact our helpdesk. They can provide you with more information or help you set up your new module(s) right away.

Gratis afhaalmodule en cadeaubonnenshop

If you want to start a take-away concept, the take-away module is ideal. Guests can place their orders online, indicate the desired takeaway time and pay immediately.

A take away concept is not feasible for every restaurant, but selling gift vouchers online certainly is.

For this, too, we have a module that we are now temporarily offering completely free of charge. No setup costs and no administration and transaction costs for the first 10,000 vouchers sold.

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